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The best place of Rehab aids. Great service and knowledgeable

Thumbs up    David.

Don't get ripped by big brands. Prices are 3 times higher. Hoffmann

quality is better or on par but much

lower in price. Dominic

The best range of walkers in Singapore. Walkers to suit every condition . Benny

I bought an expensive wheelchair from a so called big brand. When .i wanted the tires changed they quoted me a price almost cost of a wheelchair plus i had to bring it in. I called Hoffmann .Next day it was picked up and i was given a loan set at no charge. Tires were changed ,frame was cleaned and polished good as new at half the price i was quoted. Next time will buy from Hoffmann .David Lester

Its not easy to please
my mum but Hoffmann staff did it.
Amazing staff
Belinda Tan

Hoffmann's on site warranty is simply amazing. I was busy in a meeting and my mother had locked her wheelchair side brakes .She could not get me and she called the company direct .Guess what the sales manager showed up and sorted the issue . Such service will not be found in any of the wheelchair companies . Martha

My mother's wheelchair got stolen and i needed it urgently and Hoffmann's manager Steve drove down personally and had a wheelchair waiting at SGH for me. he refused to accept delivery charge. He said mothers are like mothers to him .So no delivery charges for a mother .What a company .I have recommended all my friends to them  Leonard Lee

Before buying a wheelchair check with them .Reasonable prices. Great service. Recommended


I bought a temperature scanner from Hoffmann for my cafe in Tiong Bahru. The management of Hoffmann started to drop by to support my cafe and then some customers said they were recommended by Hoffmann .This is amazing i cannot believe there are still such wonderful people around


Michael Bradley .

***** Five Stars Service.  Murgu

Best Rehab shop in Singapore
Dominic Yeo

Bought a $94 pushchair from Hoffmann and then bought a commode chair, walker, wheelchair belt and a walking stick .Products are great and they even called me if i was satisfied and if i needed any help to call them .Best Service Weng Soon 

1 year on site warranty 

This is the reason i bought from Hoffmann .After checking with many dealers i compared pricing, quality and warranty. Besides German quality i had on site warranty they would drop by to my place and repair and replace free of cost during the warranty.Other dealers said i have to send it in .

Buy from Hoffmann 

Sandra Lee

It was 7 pm on the eve of Chinese New Year and my son sprained his foot badly playing football . It was too painful for him to walk so i started calling all wheelchair companies .No answer or refused saying they were closed. Hoffmann a guy called Steve answered. When i informed him my situation he agreed to go to his store pick up a wheelchair and deliver it within 2 hours. Later i found out he was with friends for dinner when he received my call. After that he even dropped us to MIL place as my husband had gone straight from work. My MIL offered him dinner but he refused. This kind of service is not found anymore . I have informed all my friends to go to Steve for any Rehab products.

Lee Pek Hoon 

Number One rehab co in Singapore
Joe Louis

Selling a product is easy if your product is reliable and is competitive in pricing . After sales service is more important. Thats what i got from Hoffmann . They called me after 2 weeks to check how my mother was doing and if there were any issues with the walker. I bought the walker for just 

$45 and they still call service . No other company bought from before ever bothered to call and check


Bought a patient lift chair for my father .My helper and me are relieved as no more backaches.
Its a life saver, I recommend this to all with a bed ridden relative. Thanks to Hoffmann

Sarita Singh

Since i purchased the disinfectant fogger from 
Hoffmann every week i sanitize the whole house.
Family feels safe and there is a pleasant odor too.
Thanks to Hoffmann. They did a free demo and I was really impressed with the product and demo 

David Gan
Excellent service and really dependable . They sell products honestly and discouraged me from buying something i thought i needed.. Amazing they wont sell you products that they think you don't need.

Lucius Kang

If you are looking for Tena, Ensure, Thickeners then contact Hoffmann - prices are reasonable and free delivery 

Siew Eng
When you purchase from Hoffmann they look out for you by finding ways to save you money. Steve said money was the last thing ,they wanted to make my mother more comfortable. The way he spoke as if she was his own mother .My eyes were filled with tears. 

Sunita Slvam

It was a Sunday my son sprained his foot while playing football and I needed a wheelchair urgently. Most of the shops were

not opened. Hoffmann opened especially for me . On arrival at Henderson they were waiting at the lobby with a wheelchair to bring my son up . I bought the Eco series at just $94. It was the staff that advised since it was temporary to just go for lowest in the range.

They brought us down and loaded the wheelchair in the car for us. They are really caring and honest . I would recommend anyone looking for a wheelchair to contact them. Reasonable price and excellent service

Shanti  Jan 2021

Service terbaik    Salma b Said


Don't get conned by high prices elsewhere, prices are lower and better quality plus there is a warranty .


Monica Jan 2021.

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