Valens Thixer is an instant food thickening module suitable for increasing the consistency of foods and liquid. It can be used as a vehicle in commonly accepted approach to decrease dysphagic difficulties and to increase bolus consistency which leads to positive changes in oral transit time, pharyngeal responsiveness and pharyngeal pressure. Valens Thixer has a clean flavour with ultra smooth mouth feel. It does not alter flavout of formulas, beverages and foods. Valens Thixer is also Microwave and Steam-table stable, Freeze-thaw stable. After mixing, it has excellent storage stability in refrigerator.


Processed food starch (corn)
Cautionary Instructions:

To ensure optimum condition, cover can with over-cap and store in an odor free, cool, dry place once opened. Do not store in a refrigerator. Once opened, use content within 6 weeks if in proper storage condition.

Packaging Information:

24 units per carton


Free delivery for 3 units and above

Valens Thixer