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Hoffmann Orthopedic Cushion

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

I bought this Orthopedic Cushion for my mother as she suffers from backache. As she has

weak knees she spends hours sitting down watching tv. when it was time to bed her back

really ached. After researching i found this on line. The cushion is body contoured. It contains gel . I researched online and found the following.

A gel-infused cushion is a special type of memory foam cushion that has been fortified and infused with gel, making it a little firmer to the touch. There are three main ways that this gel can be added to the memory foam. These include:

  1. Adding gel microbeads or capsules to the memory foam

  2. Swirling liquid gel into the memory foam

  3. Adding a layer of gel on top of the memory foam's comfort layer

Usually, the first option is most widely-used. Gel-infused foam products can contain millions of tiny gel microbeads that help dissipate heat to make the material cooler. As with standard memory foam, this material contours to your body, but avoids the sinking feeling that large surfaces of memory foam can sometimes create.

One of the advantages of investing in a gel-infused cushion is that the added microbeads wick away heat. This can make the material cooler and more breathable. For this reason, gel-infused memory foam mattresses are especially popular, as they can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

In addition, these gel microbeads can also make the memory foam denser. This way, the surface remains soft but is a bit firmer to the touch and has built-in support. If traditional memory foam tends to be too low-density for your needs, then gel-infused foam could be the answer you're looking for. After using it for a couple of months my mother is really pleased . She uses it on her wheelchair ,on her dining chair and even on the sofa.

I would recommend everyone to get this . David Bong June 2020.

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